Youth Activities & Groups

Twynham Church for the Community has a strong heritage of activities for young people going right back to its beginning. That continues today, and we have a diverse roster of groups that meet together regularly. There’s lots of fun and friendship as we do life together and encourage one another in our personal relationships with Jesus. Our aim is to inspire young people to know Jesus and to follow Him no matter what it costs.

  • Charlie Du Puy

    Charlie Du Puy is the youth worker at Twynham Church. He has over 10 years of experience leading youth and children’s activities, and having completed his degree in Leisure Marketing at Bournemouth University he went to work for the youth work charity Impact. In his role as youth worker Charlie aims to build the church community of young people and lead them into a place of deeper relationship with Jesus. Charlie is married to Natalie and has a young daughter; they enjoy getting up to mischief together! Get in touch with Charlie at:

Get God

This is our Sunday morning group for young people aged 11 – 18 years. We explore God’s word in a more informal setting that includes multimedia, breakfast and prayer.

Youth Group – The Vibe

This is our youth group (11 – 18 years) that runs on Friday evenings from 7 – 9 pm. We play video games, table tennis, bake snacks and get our nails done! We also have interactive testimonies and teaching from the Bible, as well as events such as laser tag, ski bobbing, quizzes and a sleepover at Christmas.


We get together every week in summer time hours to have a game of football with our mates. Come and join us and bring your friends.

TYG (Twynham Youth Group)

For young people in schools years 10-13. We get together on a monthly basis to do sophisticated things in cool places, like drink coffee and cook on the beach.


Who would win in a fight between Yoda and The Hulk? Or Groot and Chewbacca? If that’s the sort of argument that you want to weigh in on then 8-bit is the group for you. We also play retro and modern video games, read comic books and play board games, as well as having movie nights and trips out to the cinema. Taking place at the church 7 – 8.30 p.m. fortnightly on Wednesdays 8-bit is all about embracing your inner geek, and with the exception of the cinema trips it’s totally free. A great group to bring friends to!

7th February: Risk (video game)
28th February: Cinema trip – Black Panther (time to be confirmed)
14th March: Video games, Comic books and games
28th March: Board game evening

Bible Study

Our group for older teens to get together every other week for bible study and prayer. We tackle subjects particularly relevant to the group, and sometimes we use short teaching videos to spark off our conversations.