At Twynham Church we seek to place Jesus at the centre of everything we do.  The most effective way of doing this we feel is through worship.

Technically worship means ‘to draw near and kiss the feet’.  It is an act of humility and surrender in our spiritual lives, it is a desire for intimate connection with God.

This can be done in many ways, but the best way we have found is through song.  Worship uses song to draw people near to God.  Worship is always for God, his honour, his glory (glory meaning – his overwhelming value and worth), but it is also for our benefit.  Drawing near to God is important for us too:

  • It creates space for God to work in our lives
  • It creates opportunity for us to deal with the things that disappoint us
  • It creates a desire for God to be at work beyond the moment of worship into the week ahead
  • It empowers our ministry because we are exposed to the presence of the Holy Spirit more deeply in worship

Worship is always directed to God, is about him, his nature and character and his relationship with us.

Worship begins our services and concludes them.

But we do encourage people to worship through the week.  With that in mind we have created a Spotify Playlist called ‘Twynham Church’ that you can listen to: in the car, bus or train; out running or walking or just play at home and join in with worship.  The list includes the kind of songs we use in church.

Once a month we also have a ‘Worship Café’, an informal opportunity to deepen that sense of worship and to release worship and music gifts alongside other expressions of worship.  These events are advertised on social media and through the church’s weekly new sheet called ‘Signpost’.

So come along for barista coffee, tea, hot chocolate and song!

Whether or not you are part of the church at Twynham you are welcome to join us and take part.