Church History

Twynham Church as we know it today, began in a thatched cottage in Bargates in the 1860s by Miss Lestrange, who had a heart for the children of the area. In 1870s Miss Susan Tighe joined the new Bargates Gospel Hall, as it was called, starting a Band of Hope for the children. She had another hall built in Jumpers and a group also started to meet in Purewell.

In 1948, in order for all the young people to meet together, the current site of the Church on Barrack Road – an old Soldiers Home – was bought for this purpose. It was used for all the Youth work from Bargates, Jumpers and Purewell.

A new Youth centre was built behind the old building, opening in 1959. The Church then moved from the Bargates Gospel Hall site to start meeting in the new Youth centre each Sunday.

In 1963, the Soldiers Home was pulled down and replaced with a new Church building, where we continue to meet to this day. We are now called Twynham Church and we still have a heart for children and youth.

We support: Faithworks Wessex, including work with the Christchurch Foodbank and we are part of the Christchurch Fellowship of Churches