Twynham Church is Meeting

During this season of Covid-19 we have been doing all we can to work towards solutions for our church so we can meet safely.

One Service at 10:15

At present we have suspended the 9:30 and 11 o’clock services and are instead holding one service at 10:15am which is live and you can attend.

You can engage in one of two ways:

  1. We have an online ‘livestream’ where we broadcast the services using YouTube.  This should be available every Sunday to match the service times
  2. We have a live service in the church for people to attend in person

The live stream service can be found here

For those coming to the service in person we are asking as many people as possible to check in so we can monitor how full we are as a church.

Importance of Church Together

Live church services are really important for many people with the need to uphold mental and spiritual health of the faith community.  People need to see one another and regularly need to receive prayer and ministry in the context of the church.

The Bible says in Proverbs 29:18,

When there is no vision the people perish.’ KJV

In other words when the people of God do not regularly connect with God their faith is in danger of being affected by that lack of connection.

So, we have elected to restart services and have been doing so now for some 9 weeks.

What you Need to Know

We are being careful to mitigate the risks associated with meeting together.

We have a register on arrival for test and trace purposes which is kept for 21 days.

We have a one-way system through the church

We must wear face coverings throughout unless you have an exemption

Unfortunately, we cannot sing together at the moment, so worship is a bit different.

Communion currently occurs monthly

Children and Youth work is due to recommence soon too.

We are looking to do as much as we can to keep you and your family safe, but we cannot guarantee this.

If you are shielding or need to be in a safer place, please use the livestream (it is free to use and you can watch at any time).

If you would like to join us, please click this link to book in (again it is free)

We currently have space in the main hall for 29 households with a further space for 17 households in the lounge with the livestream broadcast there and we will try to make sure people get turns in the main hall at least every other week.

You are welcome to come but please be aware that there may be times when this may be difficult, and we may be asked to suspend services at short notice.

In the meantime, the Lord bless you and keep you

Rob Watson – Pastor