11 O’Clock Service

The 11 o’clock service seeks to be different. At Twynham Church we recognise that not everyone is comfortable in a more traditional church atmosphere, so the 11 o’clock seeks to make coming into the church an easier relaxed experience. This service is relaxed and less formal and we reduce the light so people don’t feel they are highlighted as new.

Songs tend to be a mixture with a number which are new plus there is more of a reflective atmosphere to worship which means knowing the songs is not as important as personal reflection on what the songs are saying. That means not everyone will be singing no matter how long they have been in the church.

We try to explain what the Bible says in way that helps those unfamiliar with the Bible’s contents and hope anyone would be able to ask questions if you wanted to afterwards.

We hope to give space to those who want to respond to what God is saying to them personally, so prayer and ministry is offered to those who would like to receive it.

As with all the services here at Twynham, we seek to be genuine, real and honest, we seek to be a family and to respond to people as friends.

We hope that no matter how you come to Twynham, you will feel valued, treated with dignity and without judgement.

Creche is available, plus children’s and youth groups

9:30am Service